Tell us a bit about the brand. How did it all happen?

I have always talked about starting a brand, I never thought id go through with it. I’ve tried planning out starting one with friends but its so hard to do when we live different lives, having different working hours and commitments. I have always had so much passion for it and I felt like I could never do it alone. The first day of lockdown last year I ordered myself a new sewing machine and a load of materials and just thought I would have a play around making a bucket hat. At this point I have not touched a sewing machine since secondary school, so it was just all trial and error, I got myself some books and watched a load of YouTube and after a few attempts I finally perfected it. I started making different colours and styles, everything just started coming together from that point on. I was nervous to start a shop, it just was all so new to me. I was so anxious about it all, but all my friends were pushing me to do it and I honestly cannot thank them enough for it.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand?

The aesthetic of my brand is representing my multiple styles I go for, personally I don’t have one style or one look I go for when I pick what I’m wearing you’ll catch me in a tracksuit and bucket hat one day then the next day I’ll be all glammed up. I don’t necessarily follow fashion trends; I just like designing things that are me. It makes me happy to see other people enjoying my designs, it gives me so much motivation to bring out more. Every time I design a new product or collection, I always like to have a theme so I can go do research, make mood boards and have a play around with loads of ideas. From the product itself to the packaging, I like to make my brand fun and something for everyone.

What inspires you as a designer? What influences your work?

The main 2 things that inspire me is rave culture and graffiti.I have been bought up around underground music all my life. I don’t think there’s a minute that goes by in my house where there isn’t music playing. My parents have a massive passion for it, they both mix garage, they help run a radio station and run a charity record label that promotes mental health awareness, so they have really influenced me to have a huge love for music. Although, I listen to a different genre to them, they have made me appreciate all types of genres and artists. I just cannot wait to get back into a rave listening to the music I love; nothing really beats that feeling. This has really inspired me to create my Rave Wiv Luv Collection. Personally, I don’t graff myself but it’s something that I’m trying to start. I feel like my massive love for graffiti has come from my Dad, he’s always bought me books on it from New York subway art to Brighton graffiti. He has made me always see it as art and I really appreciate that. I don’t think graffiti artists get the recognition they deserve at all. The pieces they create are just amazing, it’s so sad that people really look down on it. At the end of the day its ART, someone’s put a lot of love and time into it, it shouldn’t matter whether it’s on a brick wall or a canvas.

What key ideologies do you hope to represent through your brand?

The idea of branding myself as Badgal Bizniz is a representation of how I view myself, anyone that knows me, knows that brand name is very fitting to me. My brand name doesn’t reflect my audience, I’m not targeting any of my products at just females, I want to target anyone and everyone. I’d love to feel like that anyone could buy my products, of course everyone has their own style, but I’d love to bring out something for everyone. I think it’s really important to love your style and express yourself, it doesn’t matter what you are dressed in. If you like it, wear it!

Tell us a bit about the new collection.

The new collection is called Rave Wiv Luv. It’s inspired by the current and 90s rave scene. It was so much fun creating this whole collection, made me want be a raver in the 90s so bad. I love the theme so much and creating the flyer was the best part, I’m already thinking of ideas for the next one!

What inspired you to base the new collection on rave?

I have had the best times at raves, listening to good music with my friends. I miss the feeling of just being able to go to one, looking at the line up and just getting so excited for it. I wanted to create a flyer; I love the 90s ones so much. So, I thought I would make my own take on one, I wanted it to be eye catching but simple and something that would genuinely get me excited if I saw it up somewhere. I designed it so it also could have a message behind it, I did not want it to just be any old flyer, so I added elements to it that represent the current situation we are in. Although there are no raves going on now, I wanted it to be something you could look back at and in a few years’ time when everything is back to normal. After creating the flyer, I thought I would redesign our logo, I was inspired by the classic acid smiley face as it is a symbol of good times and happiness. I think it is important to remember all the good times and to know that they will be back again soon.

What different pieces will be included in the new collection?

So, this the biggest collection yet. There will be a t shirt, crop tops, a scarf, slip mats, a hat, sunglasses, and prints.

What are some of your future aspirations for the brand?

I have loads of aspirations which id like to achieve for the brand. I’d love to be able to get a little stall at a festival, Boomtown would be the dream, but I’d be happy with anything small. Festivals are literally the reason I work all year, so I can save up and go to them all. It would be the absolute dream working at one, especially for my myself. I really hope that one day the brand will grow enough so I can employ some of my friends who have a passion for so many things in life and would absolutely smash it. I don’t want their talents, hard work and energy to go to waste. I want to see them shine. I’d like to branch out to a load more things, depending on how much the bizniz has expanded. Hosting events is something I have always wanted to do and it’s something I will be working towards in the long run. I already know I’ve got the best group of friends with me to help and to also give them an opportunity to work on something they have a real passion for too. I just want to give them the same energy and support they give to me.

‘Rave wiv Luv’ collection is available now! Check it out on:

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